Book Comments

Many parents and students have expressed their thanks to the Tutor Master with cards, emails and letters about the books. These are from people who have found that the books have helped their children develop confidence wih writing stories. This is an area of education which can prove difficult for many children and the books provide stimulation and ideas which can move children forward in their creative writing.
Some feedback comments on the two books are provided for your interest.

Thank you card

Comments about Book 1 & 2

Dear David, Recently one of my pupils purchased the "Tutor Master helps you Write Stories Book 1 & 2 and I am desperately trying to get my hands on both copies.
Your books are fantastic and I would like to purchase a copy of both. Please can you advise on where I can do this.

Best wishes, Jacqueline.

Dear Mr. Malindine, Thank you for your reply. Your book was extremely helpful.
Thank you. Jessie.

Hi David, Thank you for replying so promptly to my email. However, I managed to track down a copy from Foyles on line. Waterstones of Hampstead did have one copy of book 2 though, which I snapped up at once. I eagerly await book 1 of which I am sure will be of use to my children as myself.
From J. Ross.

Thank you card

I think that the Tutor Master Book 1&2 has helped me improve my stories because for my practice SATs I got a Level 5 for my stories. Perhaps I might get a higher mark for my real SATs. It has also been interesting writing the stories.
From U.S.

I found David's books helpful because it taught me how to write stories step by step properly. It also made me more grateful and now I can write stories without his books but by the way it is taught in the book.
From V. (aged 10)

The book has helped me think of many good ideas and has made me creative. I used to hate writing stories but now I like writing them. I know good vocabulary. Learning new words has helped me at school as well.
From H. (aged 11)

Thank you card

The book has really helped me by making me think creatively. It gave me lots of ideas to write fantastic stories, and it gave me the main ingredient a story needs to have.
From B. (aged 11)

I think that the Tutor Master's Book 1&2 have been very useful to me as they have expanded my stories even better and have given me better ideas and better feelings to add. I guarantee that they are very good.
From T.G.

These books have helped me a lot at school. I am improving very well and my teacher is quite impressed with my stories. Also in the exams, similar topics will come up so I can link it to the books. These books are fantastic.
From S.I. (aged 11)

Thank you card

I liked the books because it helped my girls to organise their thoughts and write them down in order.
From Chelma

I have found the books to be excellent for my daughter's story writing. It is amazing how her confidence has shot up since starting with Tutor Master.
From Kamanza

Tutor Master books - they are excellent guides for writing stories. My daughter has developed confidence in writing stories now, as she followed the plan in the book. Nowadays, surprisingly she writes descriptive essays and stories using her own imagination very well. Both are very good books for writing.
From S.R.