In order to experience success for eleven plus entrance to Grammar schools, or to pass the Common Entrance examinations for Independent schools or for SATs at Key Stages 2 and 3, many parents value the help that can be given by a private tutor. The Tutor Master has been tutoring students in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning since the year 1999 with a high rate of success. Because the level of entry standards to Grammar and Independent schools are much higher than most primary schools will prepare children, Tutor Master recommends that a tutor provide extra help. The best tutors are those that are personally recommended by friends or family.

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Tutor Master Services provides tuition for students in the age range school years 3 to 6 Key Stage 2. Within a small group setting students work independently of each other and directly with the Tutor Master on a range of materials suitable for their age, aspirations and ability.

Most of the tuition provided is to prepare students for eleven plus entry examinations for Grammar schools and Common Entrance examinations for Independent Schools in the London area. Tuition is also provided to help students prepare for the SATs at Key Stage 2. Key Stage 2 SATs are examinations in Maths and English which are sat by all students in State run primary schools and some Independent and Preparatory schools.

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Tutor Master Services offers tuition in English, covering literacy, comprehension, story writing and verbal reasoning. Typically these subjects would be covered in one-hour classes over duration of one year's lessons. Maths and non-verbal reasoning would also be covered during one-hour lessons in duration of one year.

Tutor Master recommends that tuition be started as early as possible after the start of Year 3 and highly recommends starting in Year 4. It is a Tutor Master general policy not to accept students later than September of Year 5 who wish to sit for examinations in the Autumn of Year 6.

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Since the year 2003 Tutor Master has kept a record of all students that have been taught who have passed examinations to prestigious schools.

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